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When words in a different language are pure happiness.

I am sitting on the boat, beer in hand, looking at the sunset. The boat is rocking back and forth, and I am rocking with it. My friend is arriving with the small tender, he just went to pick up more people from the beach. I spent a year in school in Spain when I grew up, and I invested a lot of time and energy actually learning how to read and write the language later on. I always thought speaking languages would be useful, to advance my career, but in reality as I noticed this summer, knowing how to speak a foreign language, doesn't have to bring any material gain. I look Guiri, because I am blond, so everyone automatically...

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Can you be a boss without any subordinates?

It was summer and I was standing outside with a group of people, which my friend Larissa had just met a week ago. She convinced me to go to this party, because he did not want to go alone. I thought about that awkward situation, when that one acquaintance at the party is suddenly talking to someone else, and then the only way to kill the time is to stare at the phone. I didn't want her to go through that, so I dressed up and came by. The people were lovely, and I think while I was locked up at home, working my 60h weeks, I missed a trend. Apparently, the newest thing is to dance salsa and merengue. I...

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