A different kind of co-founders.

Ksenia and Annabelle 

I was sitting in the living room, finishing off my dinner, when I looked at the clock and realised it was time to get glamed up. I was invited to a colleagues birthday party that Saturday. Going to a party and just knowing one person is a challenge even for an extrovert. 

Her place was really cute, tall ceilings and wooden floors. There was food and drinks, it was a party after all.

I got introduced to Ksenia, she was a friend of the birthday girl. She was in consulting at the time too, naturally we had a lot to talk about. She had traveled to Düsseldorf, all the way from Munich, just to attend the party. I was impressed with that kind of commitment to friendship. 

We connected on Facebook at the party, but never really saw each other again, until the time I started my Kickstarter Campaign for what was called "Serious Business Collection" back then, I had been promoting it all across my social media channels. During her Consulting Job, she moved to Kiev, Ukraine to build the dependency of the company. During her time there, she fell in love with Ukrainian Fashion and wanted to bring it to Germany. So distinguished, beautiful and different, something you don't find in here. Fashion in Germany is quite basic, most people are afraid to wear anything out of the ordinary, because it might attract attention. People apparently care what others think of them. 

Ksenia contacted me to collaborate and we met for dinner. We decided we were going to get together for a little brainstorming. Being two consultants, we had similar pain points. In summer, we would sit on Ksenias Balcony, either on a weekend, or after work, we would drink wine and snack some olives. We created a survey in which we asked our friends what product and what product features they would like to have. From that, it took us a year to develop our perfect workbag, the Interstella. 

We worked together on creating this wonderful bag, however, the brand Corner Office is catered to business women. Ksenia wanted to open her own store, with more lifestyle items. Something that you can wear from morning to night. Just add a red lipstick! Search Less Buy Better was born.

We have become great friends in the process and it is a delight to work with someone so talented and passionate. We bounce ideas off of each other, collaborate on photoshoots and events, but we leave enough room to grow our own business. 

The best kind of co-founders.


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