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What would you do if you weren't afraid? - How I overcame fear and started Corner Office

It was early 2016 and I had heard the buzz about Sheryl Sandbergs book: Lean In, which actually came out 2013, it just took a while to reach Germany.  Tom had gifted it to his mother and once she had read it, she took the promotion they had been offering her for while.  When I heard that, I went to buy the book immediately. I read it cover to cover and one sentence resinated with me.  At the time, I was in management consulting and I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to do and learn more, outside of my daily job. In consulting it is frowned upon to have a side hustle, because the little time left on the weekends...

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Most Common Dress Codes

Even though the dress codes are getting more and more relaxed, especially since Home Office is becoming the new normal, some invitations might still have dress codes.  If you are uncertain what you should wear, here are some suggestions, on how you should dress to be on the safe side. However, if you are more extravagant, and you have a lot of self confidence, you should definitely stay true to your style and slay.

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