#thefounderwoman - Silk Blouse

Being entrepreneurs, we were looking for something, that makes us stand out from the crowd. The silk fabric gives a clean and polished look, the puffed sleeves has us taking up more space, and the cuffs are so very special, it showcases all our creativity and individuality. The cuffs can be laced to each and every ones own preference, signalling pride in who we are as a person.
We want to create this blouse, as a founding pillar of our hashtag and movement #thefounderwoman, because we feel that there are still some barriers, we as women need to break through in the start-up world. 
Our goal is to share our experiences, to motivate and inspire more women entrepreneurs, to follow their inner calling and to launch their own business. The Corner Office Community is full of amazing, talented, inspirational and sassy young women, just like yourself. So join us, sign up to the newsletter and share your knowledge!


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