Annabelle Deisler
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I started working in Management Consulting right out of university. Nothing had prepared me for this job all I had was the confidence that I was going to find my way, if I just worked hard.

I bought my first suit with my mom, I remember it was dark grey and it had a wide boot with an even wider jacket. It wasn't allowed to wrinkle. Nothing was ever allowed to wrinkle when my mom bought it. It was 100% wool, as all suits should be. All the mens suits are 100% wool.

Next we bought blouses, what a disaster, nothing really fit, if it fit on the shoulders, it was too wide around the waist. The last button was in between the boobs and the material was half see through. We bought at least five. One for every day of the week.

I was in the engineering department, so naturally I was surrounded by a lot of men. The only thing I liked about them, was their clothes. They had real nice suits and even nicer dress shirts. With cufflinks, thick material and shiny fabric. I wanted that and more. I wanted wrinkle free. 

Everywhere I looked, I couldn't find it. I was never a very dressed up person, all through high school I wore low cut boot jeans and a snug zipper hoodie jacket. Once I entered consulting I realized how powerful being dressed sharply can be. 

If it was not possible to find a tailored dress shirt for women, I was going to make one. The shirts were part of a whole collection, I was unfortunately only able to get them made. It was important to me that we also had a Design Your Own  section, where you can take an existing blouse/dress shirt, copy its measurements and select your personal fabric, collar and cuffs. It is also possible to just buy  our best sellers off the rack.  

I was a couple of years into consulting and I really got the hang of packing. I used to carry so much in my handbag, it was always overflowing. Laptop, books, pens, electronics, food, water, meds, toothbrush and toothpaste, and makeup. Just to mention a few things. Without a zipper and proper organization, I was constantly looking for things. When my bag fell off my suitcase, because I was running to catch a flight, well, all my stuff was on the floor. 

Ksenia and I met at a party and one day she approached me to collaborate. Being a consultant herself, we found out we had quite the same pain points and we decided it was time to have a stylish, practical, durable workbag, with all the things we had ever wished for. Have a look at our Interstella workbag and see for yourself!

Corner Office caters to the needs of the modern working women. With a little twinkle in her eye, she wears our clothes with confidence and she rocks every day.


Our products are made to last. 

Who made our clothes?
Fashion Revolution is a global movement for more transparency on where our clothes come from.
Find out who made your clothes:
Our Dress Shirts for Women are made in Slovakia. The supplier takes social responsibility very seriously, and not only complies with European working condition standards, it also exceeds the average terms of remuneration and benefits of the sector.
​All materials used are tested for harmful substances and certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
​In addition our supplier cultivates bees as a hobby, in order to give back to the environment.

Our bags are made in Ukraine by one of the most exclusive Ukrainian retailers for Shoes and Bags.
​The company was founded 2 generations ago by a woman in a small town outside of Kiev. The granddaughter has taken over the business and since then expanded the product portfolio and its store network. The company still produces in the small town outside of Kiev, with sustainable working conditions and above average pay.
Our manufacturer works with the finest of leathers, sourced sustainably.


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