Be more professional. Wear less make-up. Smile more. Don't be so girly. Cover up. Don't wear a veil. Cover less. Don't dress up. Make more effort to dress up. 

There is a constant flow of scrutiny on a woman's body and what she wears and it reflects in the work space. As a founder however, sometimes your apartment is your office. Or you simply work in co-working spaces that you get access to via accelerators or incubators that you are a part of. To navigate this dynamic workspace and different contexts can be difficult when it comes to dressing for the occasion. Imagine going from a corporate client meeting to an informal "pitch with pizza and beer" event. 

With The Founder Woman silk blouses, we wanted to cater to the woman working in this setting. So we created a silk blouse that incorporates elements of femininity, charisma and resilience. The puffed sleeves and the dramatic cuffs add the feminine flair to a simple button down front of the blouse. The silk and the way it feels when you wear it adds to the comfort so you can direct your inner strength outwards. And the durability and versatility of the blouses signify the persistence that every founder needs. 

The Founder Woman Silk Blouse Line aims to fill the gap in the fashion industry for women who build businesses from scratch. Who fail, reiterate, pivot and build again. We wanted to give these women design and quality that reflects their work and the solutions that they create and diffuse. We want them to wake up on the tough days, wear the The Founder Woman Silk Blouse and feel ready to tackle head-on the challenges they face.

To succeed. To learn. To adapt. To Build Responsibly. 

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#thefounderwomen Silk Blouse - € 139,00